About Us

About Us

About Phase2 Health

We all want to see healthcare change for the better. Each of us holds a story close to our hearts fueling that desire. A grandparent lost to a poorly calculated medication dosage, a cousin lost to the opioid epidemic, a mother with a missed breast cancer diagnosis, now struggling to beat the disease.

Stories like these are attracting some of the world’s most passionate entrepreneurs to Healthcare. Now, more than ever, the data, resources, and solutions are right in front of us, they just need a bit of help to get them to the people who can use them.

Phase2 was founded on the premise that many promising technology companies fail prematurely due to the complexity and cycle time inherent in healthcare enterprise sales. Our goal is to give those entrepreneurs support where it matters most, spreading their message, acquiring customers and generating revenue.

We help health technology companies lay a critical commercial foundation of product-market fit, pipeline, and process, help them attract and on-board top commercial leadership and connect them to effective venture capital.

We believe that if the right healthcare companies succeed, our dream of a better healthcare system will be realized.

Our Team

Meet the Team

Dan Baker

Managing Partner

Dan has spent 17 years on the front lines of the digitization of healthcare. From being the top Enterprise Sales Executive for 7 years to leading teams as the Senior Vice President of Sales, Dan has delivered 40x bookings, assisted in fundraising $70M, and built relationships with the world’s leading health systems.

Dan now serves as a mentor and advisor to early stage founders to help find product-market fit, build their sales teams, and establish a solid foundation to scale the company.

Mark Kaiser


Early in Mark’s 12 year healthcare sales career, he led million-dollar territory turnarounds with 4 medical device companies. More importantly, he learned how much he enjoyed coaching others toward success. Wanting to be nearer to digital innovation in healthcare, he joined MATTER and working daily alongside hundreds of healthcare entrepreneurs. Mark co-founded Phase2 Health after realizing the deep need that healthcare entrepreneurs and their companies had for seasoned sales experience.

Jon Isaacs


Jon is a builder and a fixer. He brings lessons from a 25-year career across sales, finance, and operations to deliver performance and ignite growth, helping companies build their sales strategies and avoid costly mistakes.

Some of Jon’s roles include Chief Executive Officer (Cantata Health), Chief Revenue Officer (Source Medical), and General Manager (NextGen Healthcare). He also worked at Dell Technologies and held pivotal roles at two separate start-up divisions that together grew more than $600 million in revenue.

Greg Janes


Greg is a growth marketer for both VC and PE backed companies. Over his 12 year career he has led three startups to acquisition. Greg is not only a SaaS marketer but is a founder himself of startups in various industries. His passion is focused on defining and tracking the marketing and sales funnel, designing the customer experience journey, and developing marketing automation. In his personal life, Greg is an avid traveler, endurance athlete, and sailor.

Our Model

Our Model: The 4P Pyramid

We’ve worked with hundreds of companies, seen successes and failures, and distilled best practices to give healthcare entrepreneurs the best chance of commercial success.

We call it the 4P pyramid.

What We Do

What We Do

We help health technology companies lay a critical commercial foundation of product-market fit, pipeline, and process and help them attract and on-board top leadership.

We partner with you to maximize your chances of hitting it out of the park. Our track record of success as operators, consultants, and investors ourselves will de-risk your odds of failure at a time when capital and personnel resources are in high demand.

We focus in these areas to help you deliver results: